BCA's 21st Century Classroom Learning Environment

The fundamental goal of BCA Architects 21st Century demonstration classroom is to provide a space for students, teachers, and school leaders to visualize a tech-rich agile learning environment. Our demonstration classroom, located in San Jose, provides participants with the use of a fully integrated environment including multiple interactive displays, flexible mobile seating, amplified sound system, multiple mobile devices, and a truly interactive experience for the purpose of supporting instruction within a collaborative environment.

As we serve communities all across California, it has become apparent to our team that many educators and school communities are searching to keep up with the rapid changes occurring in our global economy with the overarching goal to prepare students to compete in the global workforce.

To address this goal and provide our community with a space to visualize the classroom of now while preparing for the future, we built our demonstration classroom that allows educators, Boards, and Community members to intuitively understand the need to change our current methods of educating our students and move towards a more collaborative environment that actually engages the students in this interactive setting.

Classroom Video

What Others Are Saying

“BCA’s 21st Century Classroom Demonstration was extremely informative and important to me, both as a district leader and as an educator. The team at BCA is not only bringing 21st Century educational design and tools to the classrooms they create, but they are also helping to educate the teachers on how to work in these new environments. Everyone’s opinion is considered when BCA creates a new space, and that is what sets them apart from what other architectural firms are doing.”

Dr. Jacqueline Horejs, Superintendent
Union Elementary School District

“When seeing the presentation, you become excited about the possibilities waiting for these children when they occupy this classroom. It makes me want to go back to school and learn there!”

Dr. Marc Ecker
Superintendent of Fountain Valley School District
President of Association of California Superintendents and Administrators (ACSA)